Wooden Toys Buy-Back Program

We understand that wooden toys and open ended play can cost a lot of money and kids out grow their toys so much faster than we'd like. Instead of letting your gently used wood toys sit and collect dust, let Kidz Oasis sell your items for you!

In a continued effort to give back to the planet, we are making your purchases mean more. Our buy back program not only puts money back in your pocket, but allows others to purchase your gently used toys at a reduced cost - recycling items that would otherwise end up in the trash, and making wooden toys and open ended play more affordable for those who are parenting on a budget.

We offer a full-service package which includes processing, photographing, storing, and selling your used toys for you both in-store and online!

With the current restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, we are accepting drop-offs at our 723 Mount Pleasant Road location by appointment only.


Please review our Selling & Consignment Agreement that outlines the conditions under which we will buy or consign your toys for you

  • Please submit the e-form below which confirms that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in the above-mentioned Agreement
  • Kidz Oasis will schedule you in for an appointment by email (please be sure to check your spam if you do not receive an email with an appointment time in 48-hours). Please note that, with the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, we are operating at reduced hours and your scheduled appointment may be 5-7 business days from the date of your form submission.
  • Drop off your items and all of the hardware/pieces during your appointment time (please be sure to know where the item was manufactured or purchased from).
  • Kidz Oasis will process your item(s) and send a proposal. Please be patient as this process is not always immediate, but we strive to complete this as quickly as possible.
  • Review Proposal - we will either offer store credit for all items we purchase upfront (i.e. NOT on consignment) OR we will offer 40% of the resale price of the used toy(s) in CASH. We are able to pay you more with the consignment option, however, you will not get paid until the item(s) sell. Please note Kidz Oasis does DO NOT guarantee a minimum selling time - the item sells when it sells.
  • Items that we are not able to buy-back for stock or other reasons, will be available for pickup at the 723 Mount Pleasant Road location within ONE WEEK of the date of your proposal OR can be donated to local charities and causes.
  • Store credit must be used within ONE YEAR of issuance. Cash must be picked up within THREE MONTHS of notification of sale.

We Accept

  • new, like-new, and gently used wooden toys made and/or sold by Canadian manufacturers, entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses
  • new, like-new, and gently used wooden toys made and/or sold by manufacturers, entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses OUTSIDE of Canada - provided that the items are NOT mass produced by large corporations
  • new, like-new, and gently used wooden indoor climbers
  • other high-quality toys that are new, with tags *subject to limitations*

We DO NOT Accept

  • well loved toys that have significant wear and tear
  • toys that are missing pieces, parts, or need repair
  • toys of unknown origin
  • plastic toys
  • mass produced toys

How much can you earn?

We pay you 40% of the RESALE price of the toy(s) in CASH for consigned items. If you choose to be paid upfront, we will pay you 30% of the estimated resale price in STORE CREDIT.

What to do with items NOT accepted?

We are really picky when it comes to what brands and items are sold in our store. We stick by our commitment to provide our clients with socially and ecologically responsible shopping. Some of the toys we do not purchase as part of the buy-back program still have a lot of play time left in them! If you would like your item(s) back to gift to a family member or friend, no problem! You have one week from the date of the proposal issuance to pick up your item(s). We can also donate your item(s) to local charities and causes in the Mount Pleasant Village community.